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Competition Clutch  "White Bunny" Upgrade for VQ35DE - FULL FACE DISK

Nissan, Infiniti


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$ 599.99

Competition Clutch - Nissan 350z and G35 "White Bunny" Upgrade for VQ35DE - FULL FACE DISK

Competition Clutch now offers the white bunny clutch and flywheel upgrade kit for the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 with VQ35DE. The kit uses an OE style pressure plate with an OE style disc, pilot bushing, alignment tool, and cast flywheel. You also have the option to upgrade to a six puck disc at an additional cost, which will hold more power.

The OE style clutch assembly/disc is proven to hold 400 HP, and the six puck is rated to hold 475HP.

An upgraded clutch is a good idea if you increase the horsepower of your engine. Stock clutches can only handle so much torque, and if you put too much lb-ft on a stock clutch you may break it. So if you’re upgrading your engine and producing more lb-ft of torque, an aftermarket clutch upgrade will be able to handle that increased load.

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