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BOOSTane Shot Octane Booster (4oz.)



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$ 10.99

BOOSTane Shot Octane Booster is a super concentrated formula capable of increasing pump fuel to between 2 and 3 octane numbers using only 4oz (118ml) of product. Our BOOSTane Shot line is meant for daily driving, and where convenient, quick access to treat poor quality fuel is needed.  Portable shrink wrap packaging makes BOOSTane Shot Octane Booster perfect to throw in the trunk, saddle bag, or travel pack ready to use when needed. It is a one and done product, requiring no measuring or ratios.  A concentrated 4oz bottle (118ml) that is shrink wrapped and can securely travel in small storage spaces.

BOOSTane’s expert engineers have developed the most reliable, consistent, and high performing octane booster on the market; and we’ve confirmed it through independent 3rd party testing. With BOOSTane’s formula, you’re buying an octane booster that delivers consistent results and is very good for your vehicle’s engine. The BOOSTane formula centers on our proprietary chelated carrier, which makes BOOSTane perform better than any other octane booster. With BOOSTane, our anti-knocking agents remain suspended indefinitely in solution. This helps deliver the incredible advantages that we sought to provide. First, there is no need to worry about the shelf life of BOOSTane. No matter its age, your can of BOOSTane will deliver reliable performance without harmful sedimentation. Second, BOOSTane’s revolutionary chelated carrier allows us to include a higher-concentration of anti-knocking agents in the formula.

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