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NGK V-Power Spark Plug 3672 LFR6A-11 - Never Ending Details

Nissan, Infiniti


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$ 5.95

The Exclusive 90 Deg Designed Nickel Center Electrode of the NGK V-Power Spark Plug Produces the Spark at the Electrode's Edges. This Hot, Clean Spark Makes Better Contact with the Air/Fuel Mixture Resulting in Combustion that is More Complete & Efficient.

PADB Attributes Resistance: 5K ohms

Ground Electrode Tip Design: Standard

Ground Configuration: Standard

Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel Core

Center Electrode Core Material: Copper Core

Center Electrode Tip Material: Nickel w/ V-groove

Gap Size: 0.044 in

Ground Electrode Quantity: 1

Hex Size: 5/8""

Manufacturer Heat Range: 6

Seat Type: Gasket Thread Diameter: 0.551 in

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